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  • Design Studio 2
    View "Design Studio 2" Etoys Project
  • Design Studio Tiles 40
    View "Design Studio Tiles 40" Etoys Project
  • Green Rim Puzzle
    View "Green Rim Puzzle" Etoys Project
  • Jagged Broken Glass Puzzle
    View "Jagged Broken Glass Puzzle" Etoys Project
  • Letters Cut from Photos
    View "Letters Cut from Photos" Etoys Project
  • Miró Inspired: 1Chris's Put the Painting Together
    View "Miró Inspired: 1Chris's Put the Painting Together" Etoys Project
  • Miró Inspired: Diana's Miró Puzzle
    View "Miró Inspired: Diana's Miró Puzzle" Etoys Project
  • Polymino 1234 OLPC
    View "Polymino 1234  OLPC" Etoys Project
  • Red Rim Puzzle
    View "Red Rim Puzzle" Etoys Project
  • Ten Stars
    View "Ten Stars" Etoys Project
  • Tetra 2
    View "Tetra 2" Etoys Project
  • The Orpheum Puzzle
    View "The Orpheum Puzzle" Etoys Project