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CS4K5 Grade 4 Leap Frog

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CS4K5 Grade 4 Leap Frog

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Lesson Plan(s) for this Project:

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Kathleen Harness


Students will: Draw two views of a frog, legs bent and legs extended. Create an animation using the drawings. Create a script for the frog to make it move. Draw a fly and create a script to make it move. Create a script that moves the frog using a joystick control. Modify the color and size of the joystick to give more or less control to the player?s ability to move horizontally or vertically. Modify the color of the world color. Discuss how changing the proportions of the joystick change its effect. Create a script using a test condition so if the frog touches the fly, the fly disappears. Create a reset script to return the flies to the screen.

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