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CS4K5 Grade 3 Lost in Space

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CS4K5 Grade 3 Lost in Space

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Kathleen Harness


Students will: Paint stars with one paint palette and a space ship with another palette. Create a script using x increase by and y increase by tiles. Discover that increase by a set amount in a ticking script is like making jumps, positive and negative on a number line. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of large and small numbers speed and accuracy. Analyze relationships between the x and y values and the slope of the line. Change numbers in a ticking script to develop control of the spaceship. Use detailed watchers to observe the location of the spaceship. Use detailed watchers to retrieve the spaceship if it leaves view. Use a pen trail true statement to show the path the spaceship has traveled among the stars. Create a reset script specifying x and y locations and clearing pen trails. Develop skill navigating with x and y axis information. Use digital and analog clocks to track the travel time.

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