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CS4K5 Grade 4 Car Race

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CS4K5 Grade 4 Car Race

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Lesson Plan(s) for this Project:

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Kathleen Harness


Students will: Draw a car and script it to move. Create a variable called speed, add a random number generator tile to it and use it to move the car forward on the race track. Add two or three other cars with the same basic script. Write test statements for each car to race and then stop the racing when the first car crosses the finish line. Write a script that makes a winner?s flag show at the finish and hide when the race is reset. Write a reset script using x and y coordinates to position the race cars at the start line evenly spaced apart and at the same distance above the lower edge of the race track. Create a graphical tally of the race results and keep the tally information in a flap made for this project. Discuss race results and compare their results with those of nearby students. Analyze similarities and differences.

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