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CS4K5 Grade 5 Earth Approach

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CS4K5 Grade 5 Earth Approach

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Lesson Plan(s) for this Project:

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Kathleen Harness


Students will: Create a script that moves a spaceship to a given location. Use x/y increase by to control the spaceship?s speed and direction Lear to estimate the angle needed for the landing path?s slope. Express estimates as a ratio of rise over run. Experiment with positive and negative values for rise and for run. Experiment with ratios; e.g. 2:4 as 4:8. Use scale factor to adjust the size of the spaceship and landing zone. Experiment with decimals such as 0.5, 0.05 and 0.005 as scale factors. Create a Reset script with x and y locations for the spaceship and Earth. Add random number generator tiles to the reset script. Control the range of random number generators in their scripts Create a Challenges script that changes locations and sizes. Make a flap with information about their project. Consider aesthetics; colors and designs to make a harmonious whole.

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