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Etoys 5 Release Notes

by Rita Freudenberg

Originally posted on the Squeakland website. Full release notes available from Squeakland

Thanks to the hard work of many contributors, we are proud to announce the new Etoys 5.0 release, which you can now download from our website!

New features

To find more details about these features, see the "How to use the new features" section in the full release notes.

Miscellaneous changes

Bug Fixes

Known problems

Compatibility Note

Projects created in version 4 of Etoys (Late 2009 to March 2012) should load without difficulty into Etoys 5. But some projects created in the new version will not be usable in older versions. If you try to load a project created using Etoys 5 into an earlier version of Etoys, a warning message will be presented about possible incompatibilities.

Contributors to Etoys 5

(More detailed notes are available at